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Turn & Burn


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A tantalizing blend of sweet wine, juicy fruit, and a hint of effervescence, this candle is perfect for those who seek a refreshing and playful fragrance. As the wax melts, the scent of ripe, juicy fruit will fill your space, while the sweet wine aroma brings a touch of indulgence. The fizz adds a playful, bubbly essence to the scent, creating an atmosphere of carefree fun.
Care & Safety

To enjoy the unique sensory experience of your wood wick candle, follow these tips.

  • First, let the wax melt completely during the first burn, which takes about 1-2 hours. 
  • Use a long lighter or pocket wick to light the wood wick and hold it for 5-8 seconds to properly fuel the flame. 
  • Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each subsequent burn, and limit the burn time to 2-4 hours. 

Wood Wick Patent

Wood wicks require extra care and patience.  For more tips, FAQ and troubleshooting see guide here.

Shipping & Exchanges


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Turn & Burn
Turn & Burn
Turn & Burn

Scent Notes


Turn & Burn is a perfect blend of sweet wine, mixed fruit, and a touch of fizz, creating a fragrance for those who crave the refreshing and playful aromas. Our scented candles are created through the expert combination of only the finest phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils. 

Top: Orange Zest, Pomelo, Watermelon, Sparkling Lime
Heart: White Melon, Raspberry
Base: Moss, Madagascar Vanilla, Fruity Musk

  • Coconut Soy Wax

  • Made in Alberta

  • Premium Fragrance Oils

Our candles are hand poured and crafted in Calgary, AB with a luxury blend of coconut soy wax and premium fragrance oils free of phthalates and parabens, ensuring that you have a healthy and safe product in your home. 


What are the ingredients in Western Hive candles?

Western Hive candles are made from coconut soy wax, paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

What are the benefits of wood wicks?

Wood wicks contain no heavy metals, resulting in a cleaner burn. They are environmentally friendly, emit candle scents quicker, and create a crackling flame that your can hear.

What are the benefits of coconut soy wax?

Coconut soy wax is a premium candle wax that is environmentally friendly and will not release harmful toxins into the air.

How long does one candle last?

8oz | 35 to 45 hours

Why isn’t my candle staying lit?

If you're having trouble keeping the wood wick lit, trim the ashy end by gently breaking it after the candle has cooled with your fingers or nail clipper.

For more tips, FAQ and troubleshooting see guide here.